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Here are some testimonials from Occupational Therapists that recommend our work:

  • My client has not stopped talking about his bath! He and his wife are very pleased.

    The Tubway quality was very high; it looked like it belonged in my client’s house, as opposed to in a hospital setting. The Tubway has allowed my client to independently shower himself, by allowing him to freely step into the bath and onto the swivel bather. It has also increased his confidence and safety in carrying out these tasks.

    Jessica Francis, Occupational Therapist

  • It allows people to maintain safety and independence in their own home.

    Tubway has successfully carried out numerous cut-down bath modifications for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs gold card holders. All jobs have been done promptly in a professional and courteous manner.

    Tubway enables safer and easier access to a bath to shower. The work is completed in one full day, and is cost-effective.

    Lesly Filan, Occupational Therapist - Department of Veteran Affairs

  • Sparkling clean and ready for clients and carers to use straight away!

    The quality and service from Tubway has always been of a very high standard, with the bath cut outs beautifully finished and in compliance with all requests made from the clinical perspective.

    As a result, my clients have been able to regain their safety and independence while using their showers over the bath without the expense and inconvenience of a major modification.

    Fofi Kanarakis, Accredited Private Occupational Therapist

  • The quality and finish are of a very high standard.

    I have arranged multiple Tubway bath modifications for my elderly clients, allowing them to safely access their bath with reduced risk of falling.

    Both myself and the clients were very satisfied with the completed work and they all felt more confident since the completion of the Tubway bath modification. This is a cost-effective solution to minimize fall risk when using a bath.

    Libby Mercuri, Occupational Therapist

  • I would highly recommend Tubway!

    I have used Tubway on a number of occasions and every time I received timely, accurate and quality workmanship. My patients are always happy with the service and are delighted that they are able to maintain their independence at home.

    Jacob is always very helpful whenever I need advice. 

    ​Catherine Ly, Occupational Therapist - Rehab Health and Fitness Australia

  • Comments made by my clients include “professional service”; “clean and tidy tradesperson” and “efficient service”.

    Bath cut downs are an economical option, particularly for original bathrooms where the client is not in a position to perform a major modification to refit their entire bathroom.

    By using Tubway’s services, my clients have had access to a safe environment in which to perform their personal care tasks for years to come.  

    Niki McDonagh, Occupational Therapist - Southern OT

  • Without fail, every time I have used Tubway the service has been prompt and professional. The finish has been faultless and the Tubway modification has allowed safe and independent access to the shower.

    Rebecca Wray - Occupational Therapist

End Users

Here are some testimonials from End Users who have had Tubway installed in their home:

  • We wholeheartedly endorse the Tubway method.

    Tubway has completed a conversion of our cast-iron bathtub in a very short space of time, with ultimate care and expert workmanship.

    The work was carried out with great attention to detail and the finished product enhances the whole bathroom, as well as saving us a large sum of money. There was no problem with dust or particles after the cutting and grinding of the tub, and the bathroom was returned to a spotless condition.

    Dr. W. J. Bakewell, Bondi, NSW

  • I'm happy to recommend his work to anyone. 

    We were delighted with the conversion process, which was performed in a most professional manner; there was almost no inconvenience to our living arrangements.

    We found Mr Jacob an obliging and exceptionally clean worker. 

    Dr S Moryosef, Woolahra, NSW

  • It was installed with a high degree of professionalism and minimal inconvenience.

    I am an 88-year-old lady who has just had the Tubway system installed in my unit. I find the Tubway method has enhanced my safety, and also looks good. 

    Mr Jacob was exceptional in his manner and as a worker. I would highly recommend his company and encourage phone endorsements.

    June, Cronulla, NSW

  • We are very happy with our Tubway, and also happy to recommend Mr Jacob and his company.

    Mr Jacob installed our Tubway and saved us much expense in doing so. He also installed two handrails for extra safety.

    Mr Jacob is very enthusiastic about his product, very professional in his workmanship and has a genuine concern for his clients’ safety. He worked long hours to complete the job at very little inconvenience to us.

    Max and Joyce Wilson, Newport, NSW

  • Tubway is a cost-effective solution to make access easier to a shower over the bath. The end result looks great and works well for the client.

    Olwen Prowse - Occupational Therapist

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