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What We Do:

Tubway offers bath accessibility products to provide easier access to the existing bathtub in a cost-effective manner compared to tearing-out the existing bathtub.

Our vision is to create a safe and risk-free bathroom environment for the community by providing easier access to the bathtub area.

A Tubway modification can greatly reduce the possibility of a fall accident occurring when entering the bathtub, and increase independence and confidence in users.

Along with homeowners, Tubway also works closely with occupational therapists to provide effective bathroom safety solutions.

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How It’s Done:

We transform your bathtub using the innovative Tubway method.

We remove the obstructing area of the tub based on an assessment of the individual needs. 

We then professionally finish the area with high-quality materials and workmanship, leaving a sleek and professional bathtub which is safe and accessible.

The end result is a safe and smooth decorative finish that will enhance the look of the bathroom. The modification will look polished and like it belongs.

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  • Bathroom falls are a significant health hazard which can be avoided.
  • Falls often occur when people get into or out of the bathtub, high tub walls pose a danger.
  • Falls prevention is a key factor in bathroom design and safety, a Tubway remodelled bathtub provides a lower entry threshold.
  • The lower entry enables easier and safer access into the bathtub.
  • Enhanced bathroom safety allows people to remain independent in their home.
  • Tubway can help make the bathtub safer and less physically challenging to use.


Quick and Clean

  • All standard types of bathtubs can be completed within one working day minimising disruption to your routine.
  • The Tubway modification is installed into an existing bathtub, no need to replace.
  • We clean up after we have finished, so your new bath is ready to use the morning after.



  • The Tubway modification is installed into existing bathtubs. There’s no need to undertake costly and time-consuming remodelling work in your bathroom.
  • We take care that tiling and other surrounding surfaces aren’t damaged during the modification, so there’s no extra expense to you.
  • You don’t need to find alternative accommodation or make arrangements.



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